Thursday, May 14, 2009

I Would Never Lie to You, Oprah

Oprah has apologized to James Frey, author of the not-so-autobiographical memoir A Million Little Pieces. In 2005, she chose A Million Little Pieces for her book club, making it an enormous bestseller. But then it came out that he didn't actually experience all the things he claimed--jail, drugs, etc. Oprah was furious and had Frey on the show again to call him out, but apparently the two have reconciled since then.

"Frey said Winfrey called him last fall to tell him 'I felt I owe you an apology,' and she explained that her lambasting of him sprang from her sense of feeling betrayed, according to the Vanity Fair report.

'It was a nice surprise to hear from her, and I really appreciated the call and the sentiment,' he told Vanity Fair."

I'm not a fan of Frey, but I'm glad Oprah has apologized. Even though he was lame to pretend he actually did everything he wrote about, it was also lame for her to bring him back on the show and yell at him.

And considering how his most recent book Bright Shiny Morning wasn't the megahit that A Million Little Pieces was, he needs the Oprah.