Thursday, May 21, 2009

I'm a Little Obsessed

Oh my lord, I am so excited for Up. I feel like a kid again, when animated Disney movies were actually good and a new one came out every year--The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, etc. And this movie sounds like it'll be no exception to the Pixar awesomeness streak. One reason being that they take a lot of care with the product. Heck, they even think about shape symbolism when designing the characters:

"Because Carl is so set in his ways, the designers thought it would be best to represent his features in square shapes, from his face and his glasses down to his fingers and knuckles. A wide shot shows Carl in his home chairlift, slowly moving down a staircase in a nearly expressionless manner. The designers used both the foreground and background of the shot to give cues to Carl’s character. 'The shape symbolism is present in the photo frames within this shot to tell a snapshot story of Carl’s life,' production designer Ricky Nierva said. 'Anytime you see Carl in a picture by himself, he’s in a square frame. And anytime you see Eleanor' — his wife — 'she’s in an oval frame. And anytime you see them together, we thought of a square frame with an oval matte. So all of these things help balance his world of squares and circles.'"

How awesome is that?

Also, I love Pixar for this:

"[Dog character Dug's] owner has fitted him with an electronic collar that allows him to vocalize his thoughts. (The creators of “Up” wanted to avoid the humanlike talking animals that populate many animated films.)"

I love Sebastian and Flounder, but I also love that Pixar doesn't just through in a talking animal because they think kids will like it. They take a lot of care with each movie; it's not just a Mad Libs-style production.

Totally can't wait!