Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Coolest Kid on the Hall

I love when stores like Bed, Bath & Beyond send out their "dorm stuff" fliers. Boy do those take me back--the pop-up laundry baskets, the collapsible bookcases, the pillows with arms. But even if you throw up some posters and get a rug, it's not exactly the design aesthetic you want to have for the rest of your life.

Unless you're Maximilian Sinsteden.

This kid is an interior design wizard. His dorm room does not look like a dorm room at all. (Make sure to click through for a slideshow.) It's prep-tastic--green walls, ties as decor, overlapping rugs. He should be in a Wes Anderson movie. And with statements like "I can’t live in a minimalist world. For me, it’s all about eclecticism," and "Anything for cashmere!" this kid is the interior design Truman Capote.

Does he need a Harper Lee?

I was also surprised to find that I didn't think Maximilian was pretentious at all. Usually a kid with this much of a persona would get on my nerves. But he really is a fantastic designer. It's like Christian from Project Runway--he knows he has an image and probably courts it, but he puts out such a fantastic project that I don't care.

Maybe when I'm rich/famous enough to afford an interior decorator, I can give Maximilian a call. I bet he'd design a kick-ass office.