Friday, May 29, 2009

I Miss Mood Already

As you probably know, Project Runway is moving from Bravo to Lifetime. I know. The channel with movies like Mother, May I Sleep With Danger? Not exactly something Tim Gunn watches. Well, okay, whatever Lifetime. But now it's also moving from New York to LA? A girl can't handle all that change at once!

About the move:

"LA can be the most laid-back and the most glamorous," Michael said, adding that challenges would include fashion for the red carpet and the beach. "It's the land of bikinis and gowns."

Whatever, Michael! I don't need bikini challenges! I need Parsons!


"The Southern California location also lent itself to the presence of Hollywood celebs, including Christina Aguilera, Eva Longoria Parker, and Lindsay Lohan, who will serve as guest judges throughout the season."

Ugh! Lindsay Lohan! With Tim Gunn?! Don't let Tim stand too close or he might catch fugly!

I am not a fan of these changes. Really, Project Runway probably should have ended last season, especially with Tim as a final judge. Does that mean I won't watch the new season? No. But it'll be a skeptical viewership.


Catherine said...

Agreed. Not so much looking forward to the new season, although I will likely still watch. Ok, I'll definitely still watch it, but I think last season ought to have been the final one as well.