Wednesday, May 6, 2009

On Holiday

We have a winner! British man Ben Southall beat out thousands of other applicants to win the "best job in the world"--getting to live and blog on an island for six months. Ben was a fundraiser and an outdoorsy kind of guy. In his one-minute video application, he said:

"Last year, I drove all around Africa, I crossed deserts, climbed mountains, run marathons, bungee jump, mountain-bike, scuba-dive and snorkel everywhere because I'm practically a fish myself."

So even though I thought this might be a good job for myself, Ben is totally more suited for it than I am. (Also, I realized that I'm not outdoorsy and never actually applied.) So three cheers for Ben! I'm looking forward to reading about/seeing his adventures as documented online.

Although isn't it strange that the winner of this competition is named Ben, and the island puppet-master on Lost is also named Ben?