Friday, May 8, 2009

What Happened to Andrae?

Season 2 of Project Runway is one of my favorites. And who could forget the awesome faces of Andrae Gonzalo? If you want to see more of Andrae's face while getting some sewing tips, check out his Survival Stiches class. Part of the description:

"Every Wednesday is a chance for Project Runway alumnus Andrae Gonzalo to teach you 6 miracle stitches that will literally save your sartorial life! In one three-hour session, you'll learn techniques that will hem your jeans, patch up knee holes, re-attach sleeves and linings, and even be strong enough to construct an entire garment if you have the misfortune to be on a flight with the Oceanic 6."

References to Project Runway and Lost? It sounds like the most awesome sewing class ever (outside of one with Tim Gunn, at least). I need to get to LA immediately.