Friday, May 8, 2009

Say "Ah?"

Insurance companies are finally bringing down rates for women. Previously, women have had to pay more because we have lady parts and everything that goes along with that (Ie--having babies.) Their reasoning?

"In interviews last fall, insurance executives said they had a sound reason for the different premiums: Women ages 19 to 55 tend to cost more than men of the same age because they typically use more health care, especially in the childbearing years. Moreover, insurers said women were more likely to visit doctors, to get regular checkups, to take prescription medications and to have certain chronic illnesses."

So because women actually take care of their health concerns before they get too bad, they get screwed over. Also, doesn't this sound like an incentive not to have babies? So if we want lower premiums, we should just stop giving birth and end the human race? Smart, insurance companies.

I know that they're a business and just trying to make a profit like anyone else, but please don't screw people over because they have a uterus and might want to have a baby someday. And because they take their health seriously.