Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Best Friend Bracelets?

Is Queen Elizabeth loosening up a little? I never thought she and Michelle Obama would keep in touch, but apparently that's what's happened. After meeting during the G20 summit in April, they've kept in contact. Recently, Michelle Obama and her daughters received a private tour of Buckingham Palace.

"According to the sources, the queen and Michelle Obama have exchanged letters and spoken by telephone since that first meeting. The visit last Wednesday was organized as a treat for Sasha, who turned 8 that day.

Despite their age difference, the two women are said to share a number of interests, including the countryside, gardening and clothes."

I hear Queen Elizabeth loves dogs, too. Maybe her corgis and Bo Obama can have playdates!

Mostly, I think this is a good move on both sides. Even if they're not actually BFFs (although I do like to imagine matching pajamas for sleepovers), it shows that the US and the UK have a strong relationship. And it helps Queen Elizabeth recover a little from the backlash against her regarding Princess Diana's death.

Other political odd couples you'd like to see? Post 'em in the comments!