Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hey Face!

It's easy to think bad thoughts about yourself. Most of the time, if I'm out and see someone look at me, I wonder if it's because there's something wrong with my outfit/hair/face/whatever. But whenever I look at someone, most of the time I'm thinking that I really like his/her outfit/hair/face/whatever.

So I really like the idea behind Operation Beautiful. Founder Caitlin encourages people to leave positive notes for others in public places--restrooms, locker rooms, grocery stores, etc. All you need to lift someone's spirits is a pen and paper. Also, if you have a camera around, Caitlin will post your note for the world to see!

Some examples:

Even if you can't post a note somewhere, sometimes it's nice to actually say those compliments in your head. Telling someone you love their dress/shoes/haircut can make them feel happy.

(All Lady Face readers are beautiful!)