Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Look Closer

Check out artist Helen Nodding's tiny Secret Worlds in unexpected places. I love stuff like this--it makes everyday life way more exciting!

About this particular scene, she says:

" Whilst strolling through the park one day my friend Eduard and I came across this network of miniature caves. Taking a closer look a strange world of human sacrifice and Squirrel God's revealed itself to us. For a moment we thought that we must have been imagining things but one by one others began to see it too and it made our day when a couple excitedly pointed out different chambers to each other before engaging in a lingering kiss.

Under the watchful eyes of a patrolling squirrel we decided to return at night to see if we could catch a glimpse of any life. To our delight the place was lit up like a magical fairy kingdom but not a miniature soul (or even a squirrel) was in sight. 2 weeks later we went to visit it again but the world had mysteriously disappeared without trace..."

Make sure to check out her other scenes, too!