Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Kind of Makes You Want to Order Right Now

Pizza Hut is trying to update its image. Now it's going by "The Hut" (like that sounds a lot better) and has a new design for its box. On the inside lip of the box is a new slogan: "Now You're Eating."

Seriously, guys? Did you want to make your pizza sound as average and unappealing as could be? Okay, I get the idea--Pizza Hut lets you fully appreciate the joy of eating. But "Now You're Eating" just makes me think of other options they could have considered:

  • "You Will Probably Digest This."
  • "We Guess It's Food!"
  • "Good Thing You're Hungry."
  • "No Refunds."

Mmm...tasty! Post your own ideas in the comments.


Unknown said...

This reminds me of a great onion article

Working in conjunction with the Federal Trade Commission to defend consumers from what they call "blatant untruths regarding the edibility of KFC menu items," officials at the FCC have issued a list of acceptable words and phrases the restaurant can use in its television and print ads. While "eat," "feast on," and "taste" remain off-limits, the FCC has approved the use of "purchase," "be near to," "look at," and "hold."