Tuesday, June 23, 2009


This is one of my new favorite art projects: a library of books that only exist in fiction.

A better description from the gallery:

"Tenderpixel is pleased to present the first solo exhibition of the illustration collective INK. The collaborative Invisible Library project will transform the gallery space into an imaginary library filled with books that have been alluded to in novels, but have never actually existed...until now.

Part aesthetic adventure and part Metafictional exercise, INK has chosen forty imaginary book titles from the Invisible Library Blogspot and illustrated their covers. Working with some of Real Fits best selling writers and novelists, as well as high profile cultural and musical figures, the opening or closing pages of these forty empty books with illustrated covers, will be penned in advance of the exhibition. The collaboration continues throughout the exhibition as gallery attendees and workshop participants are invited to temporarily 'sign out' these library books and carry on writing the developing narratives within. Thus by the close of the exhibition, the once blank pages of each book will be enlivened with imaginative poly-vocal stories."

How cool is that?! If you're in London, you should check it out for me. If not, at least check out the list of books they've compiled. Think they're missing some favorite imaginary books? Post them in the comments!