Wednesday, June 24, 2009

DC Metro Crash

Investigations continue with regard to the DC Metro crash. Apparently the train was in automatic and the brake button had been pushed when it hit the other train. If it was a problem with the computerized system, as opposed to train operator neglect, it wouldn't be the first time:

" In June 2005, in a tunnel under the Potomac River, a train operator noticed he was getting too close to the train ahead of him even though the system indicated the track was clear. He hit the emergency brake in time, as did the operator of another train behind him. Metro spokeswoman Candace Smith didn't know the outcome of the investigation into that incident, which she called 'highly unusual.'"
In this article, survivors and others nearby at the time of the crash describe their experiences. Definitely scary.

Between this and the recent T crash (which occurred because the conductor was texting), I think I'll walk.