Wednesday, June 24, 2009

You've Got Something on Your Face

The star-tattoo girl, who was suing her tattoo artist, finally came clean. She kept insisting that she asked for just three star tattoos on her face, not fifty-six, but apparently that was only because her dad got mad. She had, in fact, been happy with the fourth-grade sticker tattoo look until she got home and her dad freaked out. That's when she said she had asked for three, fell asleep during the process, and woke up to a whole freakin' galaxy.

First of all, what a brat. You're eighteen. If your dad doesn't like your tattoos (even if they look ridiculous), you deal. Second, you don't lie about it and try to bring down some poor tattoo artist just because he gave you the lame tattoo you asked for. How obnoxious can you be if you try to cover your mistake by destroying someone's career?

At least the truth came out. The tattoo artist got some free publicity and now he's going to have clients sign a consent form.

I like to think the photographer for this article chose the least attractive pose he could possibly use and still look professional. Tattoo girl got pwned!


Catherine said...

I read about this the other day and LOLed. What a freak.