Thursday, June 25, 2009

Spectacular Spectacles

Chalk it up to my nerdiness: sometimes I wish I had glasses. They just look so hip! You can put them on, take them off, stare over them at someone, hold them and tap them against your face, etc. They're the best accessories! Curse my 20/20 vision! Of course, I also appreciate waking up in the morning and being able to see the world without any aid, so it's a fine line.

Glasses like these hardwood pairs from Urban Spectacles make me super jealous. How cool would it be to have a pair of these for days when you feel like being more natural?

So pretty! I guess I can wait until I need reading glasses or something. Then I'll have lots of fun glasses to wear!


Jill said...

As one of the "lucky" people who get to wear glasses every day, I say--BE GRATEFUL FOR YOUR VISION!!! Seriously--never take for granted those nights you can fall asleep watching tv or being able to see in the shower. Also, just because you have perfect vision doesn't mean you can't wear cute glasses! Just get them with clear lenses--no one has to know. ;)

Catherine said...

I guess I got the best of both worlds having one good eye and one bad eye. I have glasses I can wear, or I can just wear my one contact. I can still see well enough with nothing on, so I can see in the shower and don't have to feel around for my glasses when I wake up in the morning!

And these glasses freakin' rock.