Friday, June 26, 2009

Icy Stare

And South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford officially wins the douchiest person of the week. Not only did he lie about his whereabouts (giving hiking a bad name), cheat on his wife, skip out on his family on Father's Day, but he also used taxpayer money to fund his gross affair.

"Sanford on Thursday did say he'd pay back an undisclosed amount for the nine-day trip to Brazil and Argentina for which taxpayers paid $12,000 last year. That includes $8,687 for Sanford's plane ticket, and $453 in lodging. Project manager Ford Graham's ticket was $1,910."

Okay, you want to mess up your own family life? Whatever. You're a douchebag. But using taxpayer money to pay for it? Now you're douchebag of the week.

People can say that he's human and fallible, but when you have an affair, there are hundreds of little choices you make along the way. It's not like making one small mistake. It's making hundreds of mistakes. At no point did he ever stop and think about the consequences of his actions. And now with the taxpayer money thing, he's proven himself to be untrustworthy as a family man and as a governor.

Not cool, Sanford. Don't even try to give us that mournful look!