Friday, June 19, 2009

Click the Link to Chapter Four

When I was in high school, we had three minutes to change classes--leave class, get to our lockers, trade books, and get to our next class. And the books we had to carry were eighty pounds! We all destroyed our backs for the sake of knowledge!

Now that kids are switching to e-books, how will we know how much they've learned? They won't have the back pain to demonstrate their intelligence. We'll actually have to ask them things!

Okay, so even though I love actual books, I think the switch to more e-books and technology-based learning is a good idea. Hopefully it will mean that students/schools won't have to buy new copies of expensive textbooks every year. However, it does leave out low-income students, who don't have access to their own textbooks, much less school computers.

And as for the back pain? I guess we'll just have to enter kids in cage fights.