Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Song For Election Day

Something for you to whistle while you're at the polls. (GO VOTE!)

The time had come to elect a President
And all the famous candidates thought they were heaven-sent
They screamed and raved and pounded their hands above their hearts
But soon the noble promises were hard to tell apart

Waiting at the pumpkin patch, a dog sincere and brave
And everybody hoped that soon the country he would save
The pumpkin said "The day has come for you to take a stand"
"For love has left the people across our native land"

Some wear the sign of the elephant and some wear the sign of the mule
But we'll hold the sign of the beagle high and love will shine right

The Royal Guardsmen did a whole series of songs about Snoopy and the Red Baron. (You may know their Christmas one.) But I thought today was the perfect day to pull out "Snoopy for President."

Now go vote!

But please don't write in Snoopy.