Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Heart Will Go On

No matter how many Oscars they're nominated for, Kate and Leo will never get away from the megahit Titanic. Especially when survivors are around.

At least, one survivor. Millvina Dean, the last remaining Titanic survivor, who was only nine weeks old at the time of the sinking and is now 98, was having trouble paying her nursing home bills. Photographer Don Mullan, who had taken pictures of Dean, appealed to the Titanic stars and director James Cameron to help with Millvina's bills. Mullan was selling a limited-edition photograph of Millvina's hands in order to raise money for the Titanic survivor. He told the Independent:

"I figured that if the edition sold out, it would secure Millvina for a full year. My plan, however, was to double the impact and thereby secure her for two years. I decided, therefore, at the opening of the exhibition, to publicly challenge James Cameron, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, 20th Century Fox and Celine to match me dollar for dollar."

A little pressure-y, but the Titanic stars and director have contributed to the Millvina campaign. And well done to them. After making an insane amount of money and getting super famous off the movie, it's nice that they feel a sense of obligation to the people (er, person) who survived the sinking.

Plus, I freakin' loved that movie in seventh grade.