Tuesday, January 13, 2009

As Long As It's Not the Island on Lost, I'm There

Looking for a job? With graduation approaching, I'm seriously considering applying to this one, called "the best job in the world." Basically, you get to hang out on a tropical island. For money. They Australian government will pay you to be on vacation all the time.

"Wait a minute," you say. "There's got to be a catch. Is it Leper Island? Are there land sharks?"

Maybe. But I'm willing to take that chance. All you have to do all day is take walks on the island, snorkel, and take care of a few minor tasks, and blog about your experience. In exchange, you get to stay rent-free in a three-bedroom beach home complete with plunge pool and golf buggy.

Oh, and they're going to pay you 150,000 Australian dollars (105,000 US dollars).

The idea is that this will help Australian's tourist industry, which has taken a hit recently because of the economy. The island caretaker will hopefully write about how freakin' awesome it is to live on a beautiful island, so other people will say, "Hey, Australia sounds pretty amazing. Let's go!"

What do you need on your resume for this job? You need to be a good swimmer and an excellent communicator who can speak and write English.

I haven't gone swimming in a little while, but I don't suck at it. And hopefully I don't suck at the English thing. Sign me up!

Acting state Premier Paul Lucas said,"This is a legitimate job which is open to anyone and everyone."

Applications are open until February 22. Eleven shortlisted candidates will be flown to Hamilton Island in early May for the final selection process and the six month contract will commence on July 1.


pDogg said...

I took the chance! Here's a cool rockin' video I put together.