Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bite Me

I think this is just an excuse to make sharks sound even scarier. Did anyone really think sharks were stupid hunters? Of course they wait for their prey to be vulnerable and keep a safe distance until they can strike. Of course they're focused. Of course they like to be away from other sharks to avoid competition. That doesn't mean they're like serial killers. It means serial killers are more like sharks.

But to one of the authors of the study, sharks are like serial killers. Except for these tiny differences:

"There's a big difference between great white sharks and serial killers and it comes down to that old gumshoe standard: motive. The great whites attack to eat and survive, not for thrills. And great whites are majestic creatures that should be saved, Hammerschlag said."

Yeah. Thanks. I think the food vs. thrill thing is a huge difference. So what exactly did this study tell us?

Also, don't other predators in nature act like this? What do we know about sharks that's totally new? University of Florida shark attack researcher George Burgess, who had no role in the study, agrees with me. He claims that the study showed us what scientists already know:

"Sharks are like many other predators that have developed patterns to their attacking that are obviously beneficial as a species."

Yay for science!

The one thing this article did give us? An excuse to post awesome shark pictures. And, at the end of the day, I'll that it.