Friday, January 9, 2009

I'd Like to Go Kill Bill on His Ass

The fine people at Jezebel have already discussed why this guy, who says the world doesn't need female superheroes, is an idiot. He claims that guys like saving people, and girls like Julia Roberts movies:

"Men are interested in action movies with heroes blowing things up and saving the girl. Men are interested in imagining themselves as ass-kicking heroes. Women are interested in movies about relationships and romance and love. Women are interested in imagining themselves finding the right guy and dancing till dawn."

Yeah. I know.

Here at Lady Faces, we may be ladies, but we have a variety of interests. Dancing 'till dawn? Check. Kicking ass? Double check.

Jezebel writer Dodai points out how ridiculous his statement is. But I'd like to add that perhaps the majority of comic book/superhero fans are guys because there are so few popular options for girls.* When I was little, I loved Batgirl--a kick-ass redhead? She was my hero. But with all the Spider-man/Superman/Batman shows and games around me, I didn't have much to grab onto as I got older. I'm sure that if a film were made about a really awesome female superhero, I'd be right there.

And note, that doesn't mean a female superhero who exists just to look good in spandex.

After all, isn't Uma Thurman so fucking awesome in the Kill Bill movies? Sure, she's not in tight clothes, but she's also a real character with a compelling story and some amazing skills. Same for my favorite Buffy, who's basically a superhero without the funny costume.

I think the gateway into superhero films is the actual comic world. Hopefully the major comic/graphic novel publishers realize they have a whole demographic open to them. If there's demand at comic shops, maybe there'll be demand at the box office.

*I'm not hugely into comics, so there might be a ton of really great female characters. (Hell, Joss Whedon wrote comics.) But they're not on screen yet.


renee said...

And for all those girls who are dancing 'til dawn, there are those among us who like that AND design missile launchers. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Also, Sailor Moon all the way...