Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Progression of Schmutzy

It's no secret that the ladies here at Lady Faces are fans of adorable things. One of my favorites is Daily Puppy, that magical website of puppy cuteness. But sometimes Daily Puppy offers just more than the usual ooos and aaahs.

Enter Schmutzy.

First of all, her name isn't Clover or Honey or Snuggleface. It's Schmutzy.

Second, in her pupfolio, she seems to come to understand her name. Here's the progression of Schmutzy:

Here she's just an adorable puppy. She doesn't know yet.

She's just found out she's Schmutzy. Schmutzy's a little bitter.

The big finish. "Don't call me Schmutzy!"

Okay, she is an adorable puppy. She's fluffy and has a great face and even has those great "running puppy" pictures that always get an "awww" out of me. No denying that. But Schmutzy has cracked me up like no other puppy.

Schmutzy's a puppy with cuteness and personality. You've got something, kid.