Thursday, January 8, 2009

Qualifications: Black Ensemble, Ability to Disappear

The U.S. Navy has created a force to fight pirates.

Piracy has been a big issue recently around developing countries and countries without a stable government. Now the Navy is going to take their usual security team up a notch by developing a group that specifically looks at issues of piracy.

"'Task Force 151 will be devoted solely to counterpiracy efforts,' said Lt. Stephanie Murdock, a Fifth Fleet spokeswoman. The United States anticipates other nations joining the force 'in the near future.'"

I can't help but think of Pirates of the Caribbean and the big battle with the British Navy. Hopefully there won't be a Jack Sparrow around now. (Or if there is, just send him my way.)

"We strongly believe the navies are the only effective response against piracy," Michael Howlett, divisional director of the International Maritime Bureau, said, adding that the navies in the region "are doing a great job."

My suggestion for the best pirate task force? Get some ninjas.

The epic battle approaches.