Monday, January 19, 2009

He's So Scary and I Love It

Lost is coming back. This week. So freakin' excited!

Get yourself all twitterpated by checking out this interview with Michael Emerson. Yep, Ben Linus, the evil genius himself. He's been such a phenomenal character since his introduction a few seasons ago, and Emerson has brought so much to the show.

Also, Ben was never intended to be a full-time character. But what would we have done without all his mind games?

Don't worry--there aren't any spoilers in this brief interview, if you'd seen all of the show up to this point. But one question I love:

Ben is often reading or quoting authors. Do you take the time to read the books he does?
There are no accidents in the world of props on Lost—the books are carefully chosen. This season, there’s a scene where I’m reading Ulysses by James Joyce. It’s on my winter reading list.

Lit nerds out there--any theories?


Walt said...

Transcript of the final scene of the series:

I boarded the plane I said yes and kissed her then she was crying yes and his heart was eaten by a polar bear and yes I said yes I will LOST