Thursday, January 22, 2009

Nerds Take Hollywood

One of my pet peeves: celebrities who complain about being celebrities. Of course, it would be pretty annoying to go get milk at the grocery store and be followed by people shouting and snapping your picture. But remember those free designer clothes in your closet? And that multi-million dollar paycheck you got for your last film? Yeah. That's the exchange.

But some celebrities are cool with the fame. They like their fans. They're nerds, just like the rest of us. They don't do coke with Lindsay Lohan; they play Halo with Nathan Fillion. Here are a few of Hollywood's hippest celebs:

Kristen Bell:
I haven't seen Veronica Mars (I know), but everyone says it's right up my alley. And even though she's technically part of the Gossip Girl cast, she eschews drama. Plus, she loves nerds:

"The bottom line is, everyone's a loser in their own right. Here's why I like geek culture: People like what they like because they like it. They're not trying to fit into any mainstream likes or dislikes. You want to dress up like a Star Wars character and go to Comic-Con? Do it, if that's what makes you happy. People might look at you as super-weird, but if that's your obsession, go for it."

Would Paris Hilton ever say that? Hell no. More power to Bell.

Wil Wheaton:
I'll admit it. I had a crush on Wesley Crusher when I was six. (Bald Captain Picard wasn't my style.) He was a teen in space--how cool is that? And apparently Wil himself is cool, too. He blogs and has written books like Just a Geek, which Amazon says includes: "Discovering the joys of HTML, blogging, Linux, and web design." Adorable.

Felicia Day:
Yes, my secret big sister. Aka--Penny from Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog. Aka--Potential Slayer. Aka--creator of the online web series The Guild. Aka--that totally awesome redhead. Could she be any cooler?

Nathan Fillion:
I want to hang out with Nathan Fillion. He's an awesome actor--check out Firefly, Dr. Horrible, and Waitress. He likes comic books and holds Halo tournaments. He would post on fan forums, signing off as "The Cap'n." I love him singing anything on the Dr. Horrible soundtrack. I would put him in my imaginary family tree, but I crush too hard to do that.

Everyone on this list should totally be my friend. We'd have an awesome time together. No coke snorking with Lindsay,


Morgan said...

I must defend one of my loves: Gossip girl is an awesome television program. Yes it's melodrama but it's SO good. Not to take away from my Buffy or Firefly love though.

(and yeah I'm totally nerd-loving too, especially the Cap'n)