Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The politics of fashion

Here's my lady-fied take on the inaugural evening festivities:

First there was, of course, our new FLOTUS's gown. Beautiful. Stunning. I've heard criticism of the silhouette being less than flattering for her but I think that's being too strict and assuming that the only acceptable silhouette is the one that makes her a skinny mini. The woman would look statuesque in a potato sack, but this made her look sexy yet appropriately elegant and classy. Combine that with the dress we saw this morning and this only helps to increase the Obama's Camelot-redux vibe. And the first dance for the First couple was accompanied by the second biggest diva of the day, Ms. Beyoncé. Not too shabby, B.

And we're getting more than one new well dressed woman in Washington if today is any hint of the future. Dr. Jill Biden had a gorgeous red dress that showed off her great little body. Although Michelle takes center stage, this woman is quite a hottie (and a PhD, what what!)

And from my own personal world, Hoda Kotb was covering the BET Ball for NBC and although she's too humble to even care what the label was, she was an absolute knock out.