Wednesday, January 14, 2009

We're Just Different...Different Roommates

The freshman college roommate situation can be tough. It's (probably) the first time in your life when you had to coexist with a stranger in an area the size of two shoe boxes. What if your roommate listens to sucky music? What if she has a live-in boyfriend? (Just say no to sexiling.) What if she thinks your things are just her things (only she didn't have to pay for them)? What if you "accidentally" kill her because she's freakin' obnoxious?

Of course, your college roommate could end up being your best friend. She could end up being the most awesome person you've ever met. She could end up as really famous one day.

Even better, you could both end up famous.

Like these famous roommates. Most people know about Al Core and Tommy Lee Jones (inspiration for Oliver in the sap-fest Love Story). But what about:

Wes Anderson and Owen Wilson
Just a couple of wacky guys who wanted to make films. No wonder Owen Wilson shows up in everything Wes does. They're not just best friends, they're roomies! Also, apparently Anderson used his writing skills (via an Edgar Allen Poe paper for Owen) to get the better bedroom in their apartment.

Score one for the writers!

Edward Gorey and Frank O'Hara
It's like they're characters on some indie sitcom: the wacky artist and the intense poet. I bet they argued over who was more emo.

I wonder what kind of posters they had up on their walls.

Christopher Reeve and Robin Williams
I know it's not true, but I like to think that they went to bars to pick up girls with Reeves dressed as Superman and Williams bouncing off the walls. That'll get the ladies every time.

Sweet footnote: "Williams even covered some of Reeve’s medical expenses after he was paralyzed. Of course, being Robin Williams, he couldn’t stop there; after Reeve found out he couldn’t walk again, Williams visited him dressed as a doctor and pretending to be his proctologist, reportedly causing Reeve to smile for the first time since the accident."

College roommates = best friends forever.