Tuesday, January 6, 2009


It's geek week at ladyfaces. We're always geek friendly, but this week we'll be even MORE geek friendly.

And my contribution will be from one of the geekiest events in the world (besides a trekkie convention). I'm headed out to Vegas for CES. I'll be seeing tons of little gadgets all week, and assuming technology does what it's supposed to, I'll be taking pictures on my blackberry, uploading them, and giving you little notes. We'll see how it all turns out.

Right now I'm at the Jet Blue terminal at JFK and it is pretty obvious I'm not the only person on their way to CES. I've seen some major geeks. Excited to see what I'll find when I get out there (it's not my first time, so I've got some ideas already). What will this year's hot electronic toy be? How skinny will the televisions be? Will blu-ray collapse like hd-dvd did? We'll find out, all while I show you my geeky-side.