Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Knock Knock. Who's there? Bzzzz...

Knocking is overrated. Sometimes you just can't wait for a door to be opened. Apparently a guy from Pennsylvania felt this way. He used a chain saw to get into his neighbor's house.

Robert Kane was upset when friends of his neighbor, Jamie Zaleski, were parked in front of his house. Some people might call and ask if the cars could be moved. Heck, if there was really a problem, maybe even have the cars towed. But Kane took another approach:

"Police said when Zaleski asked who was at the door, Kane said it was his worst nightmare, told him, 'Open the door or I'll cut it down,' and started sawing."

Somebody likes to think he's the badass in some action/revenge movie. Not so, sir.

At least it opens the door (hehehe) to a bunch of new knock-knock jokes.