Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tastes Like Victory

There are several different emotions to experience as the presidential inauguration approaches: excitement, hope, anxiety...thirst.

Mount Pleasant homebrewer Sam Chapple-Sokol has developed a beer just for this election. For Obama's victory, he brewed The Audacity of Hops. Now, for the inauguration, Chapple-Sokol is back with the InaugurAle Edition. It's pretty similar to the election edition, but Chapple-Sokol has upped the stakes:

"Chapple-Sokol’s beer—still supplied with a mixture of Hawaiian, Indonesian, and Kenyan coffee beans by his father—has a rich coffee-infused taste with hints of malt and mocha. But the brewer isn’t constrained by his punny title. He goes light on the hops to avoid a bitter taste and instead goes heavy on the alcohol, upping the percentage from 8% in his last batch to 9% in honor of the new year."
Somehow I feel it would have been more appropriate to up the alcohol level during the last inauguration. You know, when we needed a good drink.

Raise a glass to the future of America, everyone, wherever you might be on election day.