Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Not Exactly Yoda

Nick de Semlyen doesn't like Aunt May from the Spider-Man movies. Not exactly an obvious choice. In that trilogy (although I have yet to see the third one) I would have gone with Mary Jane, who keeps screaming and being mopey and has really fake red hair. But Nick makes the point that anything to do with Aunt May is cloying and annoying and sappy and ridiculous:

"Aunt May is supposed to be the hero’s role model and the wise, kindly heart of the franchise. In reality, she’s a humourless, boring windbag — Yoda without the lightsaber, kung fu skills or amusing wordplay. There’s also the matter of her drinking problem — nothing to do with alcohol, rather the fact that at one point she makes tea without adding a teabag, and simply pours hot water into Peter’s mug. This is not a woman to be trusted."

I'm with you there. She's not exactly the beacon of wisdom and warmth she's supposed to be. And she's not complex enough to be any other role.

Even so, she's not the movie character that annoys me most. That title goes to Bridget Jones. (UGH! How did the world get charmed by her? She's not an everywoman.)

Who do you hate on screen?