Monday, January 5, 2009

What's German For "Adorable?"

Sometimes you fall in love when you're a kid. You hold hands on the playground. You share crayons. You share quick little kisses and say, "I'm going to marry Billy/Sally when I grow up."

But sometimes kids don't want to wait until they grow up. They decide they should get married now.

Just like the little German kids, Mika and Anna-Lena, age five and six. Instead of just sharing juice, they wanted to share a life. Starting with a secret elopement to Africa. Why Africa? Because it's warm there. (I feel you, kids.) They even brought Anna-Lena's sister with them, as a witness. Obviously these kids are going to have a good future.

Too bad the police had to end it all:

"As their parents slept, the intrepid trio walked 1km (0.6 miles) to the local tram station at Langenhagen, where they hopped aboard a tram for Hanover central station.

But the group aroused the suspicion of a guard as they waited for a train to the airport, and police were called in."

The police convinced them that they couldn't go far without money, passports, or tickets, but instead they could get a tour of the police station. (Neato!)

All in all, it's a good ending for this little couple. They get to keep being cute and maybe one day, a couple decades from now, they can elope to Africa for real. But I bet their parents are not looking forward to when their teenage years.